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About woosh

Woosh aligns key European clients with Data Expedition, Inc.'s range of business-enhancing, super-fast data transfer software solutions.

DEI® software gives you the power to send data files of any size across the Internet at super-breakneck speeds - at the maximum speed obtainable from your network in fact.

Very basically, it speeds up any data transfer, for collaboration or process, like back up to the cloud for example.

Because you can use the software to move large data files across wide-area networks, early adopters include many of the world’s leading movie producers and distributors.

Of course, software that helps the movie industry to complete their missions faster, safer, and more reliably, can do the same for any business, any industry.

Once you get used to blistering speeds, all sorts of additional benefits become apparent.

DEI® software is the closest thing you’ll ever find to a real-life time machine. Okay, so it doesn’t actually move through time – but it’s so fast that it steals time back that you used to spend waiting for vital data to transfer.

It practically creates time – and time is money.

Now you can move your data securely up to eight times faster – and crucially, using existing hardware architecture and infrastructure.

Saving time is one big payoff. But it’s not the only one.

The software uses 100% of your available bandwidth. Packet-loss and the problems of latency are reduced thanks to DEI's clever patented algorithms.

What will you do with all that time we’ve taken back for you? Imagine how you can use it to nail deadlines, collaborate more smoothly and make your projects more profitable.

The off-the-shelf software is user-friendly to the non-technically minded but also very Developer rich and fully customisable.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better – the software can reduce the need for network hardware revisions, upgrades, and optimisations. Time and cost savings are tangible.

With all that speed, smooth-running and easy set-up, this gives your business a distinct advantage over the competition.

Your making-time-machine is here. It's massively cost-effective, within reach of even the most modest of budget.

What are you waiting for?


Headline benefits


We’ve got your back

With years of Organisational Change and Integration Management experience behind us, Woosh is a System Integrator, and consultant, of the Data Expedition Inc. (DEI) software product range, aligning key European clients with a range of business enhancing, super-fast data transfer software and associated products.

Super-fast data delivery means a fantastic, enhanced experience for everyone, whether you’re collaborating on a creative project or sending media files to your customer.

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A moving story

You’re pinned down in the Quick Draw Saloon. A diabolical band of gunslingers aims to do everything they can to break your concentration, disrupt your creative flow, and shoot your enthusiasm stone dead.

There’s one way out of this go-slow town – get your wagonload of media goods to its destination before nightfall. But delivery of your files, like the arrival of the stagecoach, is hours away yet.

Cue the tumbleweed.

But all’s not lost.

A new sheriff’s in town. He’s fast and he’s on your side. He’s gonna run these ornery gunslingers out of town.

On this sheriff’s watch, you can securely send any media file of any size super-fast across the Internet – Woosh.

You and the Sheriff are taming the Wild West.

And you’ve become The Hero.


Free trial

Woosh represents the fastest, most reliable, and most secure high-performance, DEI®-driven data transport software available.

The world's only pure-UDP commercial file transfer solution offers:

• Full turnkey solutions for all of your data transfer needs
• Continuous automatic adaptation to any network
• High performance for all IP networks
• Self-contained, single-file installation for easy deployment for environments with installation restrictions.
• Gigabits-per-second speeds using off-the-shelf hardware
• Operation without Java, TCP/IP, or third-party dependencies
• Simple drag-and-drop interface
• Web-browser integration, scripting and application integration

Contact Woosh now to arrange a 21-day free trial giving you access to DEI's complete ExpeDat™ package, including client and server software.

There is a tide in the affairs of men,
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.

Julius Caesar Act 4, scene 3, 218–224