Data Expedition, Inc.® (DEI®)

It’s 3am and your server is down. A project has fallen behind schedule and you need a fast and inexpensive way to get those videos into the workflow right now. Within minutes you are downloading the latest backup or grabbing those files at blazing high speeds – fast, reliable and secure.

Data Expedition, Inc.® (DEI®) is the creator of the world’s only high-performance file transfer software that is completely free of legacy transport bottlenecks and vulnerabilities. Since 2000, DEI® has been providing high-performance data transport solutions to the world’s largest companies across nearly every industry and continent, including media and entertainment, health care, legal, military, and oil and gas.

Data Expedition, Inc.® (DEI®) creates high-performance file transfer software. The company’s patented MTP™/IP technology uses unique flow-control and error recovery algorithms to achieve high network efficiency across all IP networks.

DEI is to be the go-to solution.